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    Through an eco-designed web portal, we hope to support actions in favor of biodiversity.

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Why this web portal?

Promoting Tourist Accommodations Making Efforts...

The CHLORODIA® portal lists hosts who drastically reduce their resource consumption. Far from being simple ecolodges, these exemplary accommodations are a way to discover, test, and perhaps adopt the implemented devices at home. Our network provides you with keys to action and honors establishments that have already succeeded in their transition!

The entire project is maintained by SIGNÉCO®, a network of experts in ecological transition for businesses and local communities. On SIGNECO.ONLINE, we support owners in making their accommodation a vector of positive changes for the environment.
It is a commitment we made more than 20 years ago. For this, we work on specific areas of activity that address the various possible approaches to ecological transition.

At SIGNÉCO®, we don't just rely on intention; what we hope to bring you are concrete actions to move forward!

Preserve biodiversity...
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Green IT

A Team of Engineers at the Service of the Environment

Aware since childhood that our generation will have to transform society's relationship with the environment, we have become passionate about innovations and techniques capable of meeting this need while respecting the constraints of our contemporary society.

Aware of the sometimes technical or sociological complexities of implementing these innovations, we have come together so that our complementary expertise, often interfacing between different sectors, can support you daily in your transformation.

We help you define YOUR strategy, its governance, and its implementation so that your initiatives become drivers of development within your company and a real lever for measurable performance.