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for your low consumption house

From your willing to your actions plan


With over 20 years of experience in ecological solutions for businesses, we now assist individuals in their willing to build or renovate their homes to make them economical and environmentally friendly.


Faire des économies d'eau

Three Independent Expertise Areas:

water - energy - biodiversity

The Steps throught your Personalized Action Plan:

Identify Your Needs - 15 minutes
To get a personalized support, schedule a free 15-minutes initial phone call to prioritize your needs and direct you to the right expert. Cost of the expert meeting below: 200 € H.T./240 € T.T.C.

Prepare your meeting with the Expert
Before your appointment, return the form and your photographs to collect all necessary data for your home audit (these data allow the expert to calculate the performance and operating costs of the installations).

Meeting with a Water, Energy, or Biodiversity Expert - 1h30
During a 1h30 hour online exchange, our expert will conduct an audit of your home with you, identify the necessary balance between your savings, cost, and comfort requirements, and propose solutions.

Technological Research to Meet Your Specific Needs
In addition to the highly effective solutions already identified a technological research to meet your specific needs can be conduct to produce your actions plan.

Presentation of the Personalized Action Plan - 30 minutes
With your specifics needs and constraints, the personalized action plan includes a cost estimate and expected return on investment will be sent to you a few days before your presentation appointment so you can prepare your questions.

We certify that we have no activity related to providing the products and services we recommend. We have no commercial agreements with brands or retailers but will recommend certain solutions by brand simply because we deem them the best for your situation. All proposed devices are updated according to technological advancements.

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